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What's a proper kiss...?
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Welcome to the Mac/Caroline shippers community on LJ! I thought it was weird there was no Mac/Caroline community, so I made one. Post anything you like, within reason obviously. Icons, artwork, discussion posts, episode discussion posts, fanfic, whatever really. Just keep it related to Mac & Caroline in some way, yes?

Good...enjoy the community!

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Any posts offering a not-so-illegal or discussions about said not-illegal downloads to be friends locked.
Large images and spoilers to be put behind a LJ cut - dial up really sucks.
No flaming etc...Don't like the Mac/Caroline ship? Don't come here. It's that easy.
Be nice. ♥

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Any questions, email me on the address listed above.

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Want to affiliate with this community? If so, email on the address above. :)
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That said...enjoy the community!